Vieille Montagne Genealogy

Given the popularity of genealogy as a pastime, the potential to trace the lives of the VM workers is an exciting prospect. From research in England the names and some of the circumstances of the workers have been brought to light. A lot of work has also been done in Germany.
Belgian Workers In Nenthead, Cumbria
A total of 7 names are known. m = married. s = single. Ages are as at 1911 census unless otherwise stated.
Edward Bost
37, Mining Clerk, Donks Villa (The Beeches)
wife, Renee Benjamine, 28, born France, dau’s. Violet Beatrice (b.5/6/1911), started school, 19/6/1919, Winifred Marie (b.29/11/1913), started school 19/6/1919, Margaret Elizabeth (b.2/1/1915, chr.5/5/1915) all born Nenthead. Violette Beatrice started school 21/8/1918. Winifred Marie started school 29/8/1918
Jean Cox
38, Secretary, Hillersdon Terrace
wife Elise, 35, born France, dau’s. Madeline, 13, Suzanne, 12, both born Belgium
George Dupont Biar
engineer, Rue du Midi 5, Liege (p.160, 163, ‘Forgotten Books’ internet)
Jean James Constant Fernau
Wife, Magdalena, 37, Spanish, Elena, 21, George, 18,
App. CE, John J.C., 17, App. CE, Carlotta, 14,
Cecilia, 12, Evelyn, 3 (b. Nenthead)
Henry Jos. Loupart
single, 28, Engineer, Manager of Dressing Plant,
Belgian national, born Germany, Ivy House
Henri Loupart

Henri Loupart

Auguste Malherbe
age 46 in 1901, Accountant, Nenthead House, Wife Maria, 45, Marcella 12, Didier, 4.
Clement Noirfalise
single, 26, Chemist in Laboratory. Boarder, Ivy House
Some Of The 1st World War Belgian Refugees In Alston And Nenthead
L. Bauwens
Went to Newcastle
Jacy Craen
Front Street, Nenthead
Went to Newcastle. Son, John Baptist, b.12/9/1904, started Nenthead school 23/11/1914, previously went to school in Antwerp, left on 15/7/1915, went to Newcastle
Janch Goerman
Dykeheads, ‘Went abroad’. Children; three started Nenthead school 23/11/1914. All previously went to school in Antwerp. Octavie, b.3/2/1904, left school 11/11/1915, Oscar Victor, b.6/4/1906, left school 16/11/1915, Rosalie Cesarine, b.14/8/1908, left school 10/12/1915. Engelbert, b.14/11/1909, started Nenthead school 6/5/1915, left 9/12/1915.

Germans Workers in Nenthead c 1903 - 1915
A total of 15 or 16 names are known. m = married. s = single. Ages are as at 1911 census unless otherwise stated.
Fritz Buerger
single, 36, Joiner, Hillersdon Terrace
Wilhelm Holler
single, 54, Surveyor, Hillersdon Terrace
Arthur Habermann
25, Mechanical Engineer, Hillersdon Terrace then Whitehall
wife, Eliza, 26, born Nenthead, dau’s. Charlotte, under 1 mo., born Nenthead, Elfrida, born 4/12/1913, started school 30/6/1919, or 21/10/1920, left, 23/12/1927, over age
(died before 1916)
son Stanley, b.17/11/1901, lived at Wellgill, went first to Nenthall school, started Nenthead school 26/5/1915, left 17/11/1915, reached exemption age. Stepfather, John Gull
Carl Heuchemer
(27 in 1914), Assistant Mine Manager
Born Bad Ems.
Julius Jaeger
32, Mine Agent (Rotherhope Mine), Blackburn Bank in 1911
wife, Hannah, 30, born Nenthead, dau’s. Elfriede, 4 (chr. 4/11/1906), Olga 1 (b.26/4/1909, chr.9/6/1909), both born Alston. Congregationalists
Bernard Krueger
single, 39, Washing floor foreman, boarder, Whitehall
Wilhelm Petrizich
Wellgill, son, Walter, b.9/12/1900. Last school, Nevizes, Germany, started school 26/9/1912, left 11/12/1914, reached exemption age.
Theodor Prumbaum
40, Mining Agent, Hill Top
Wife Isabella, 23, born Walker, Tyneside, dau. Dorothy, 3 mo. born Nenthead
Born Bensberg, now Bergisch Gladbach. According to Bensberg register, Theodor moved in 1899 to Velbert where some old mines were re-opened but closed again after a short time as being unprofitable. Possibly a miner at Bensberg before 1899.
Theodor Prumbaum

Theodor and Isabella Prumbaum

Richard Reidal (Reidel)
(44 in 1914, Old Vicarage, Nenthead), Washing Floor Foreman
Born at Freiberg, Sachsen [SE of Dresden] Children: Peter,
b.1/12/1899, Paul, 23/10/1901, Marion, 12/11/1904, Kathi, 8/6/1906
Rudolf Wilhelm Henrich Rodewald
42, Mech. Engineer and Mine Manager, Nenthead House
wife Elizabeth Eleanne Emilie, 29, sons, Werner, 5, Franz Albert Carl, 5 mo. (chr. 30/10/1910) both born Nenthead
Hans Rodewald
55, Mech. Engineer and Head Foreman, Nenthead House
Carl Schlucter (Schluchter)
married, 44, Washing Master, Hillersdon Terrace
Rodewald Brothers

Rodewald Brothers

Frederick Carl Schmidt
(36 in 1914), Mine Foreman, Carrshield, Allendale
Hexham Courant article, 6/11/2014: Born in village near Siegen. Married Elizabeth
(Lizzie) Jane Robson, lived in Ninebanks. They had three daughters here, Freda, Betty,
Hilda, and fourth daughter, Ella, after the war in Hamburg.
Otto Strauss
single, 27, Fitter, Hillersdon Terrace
Karl August Hermann Wolf
Mining Engineer, Hillersdon Terrace
wife, Anna Sophie Henrietta, dau. Anna Louise Karolina, christened 22/12/1903

Italian Workers in Nenthead c 1903 - 1915
A total of 53 names are known, including a solitary Italian at Barneycraig.

All were Lead Miners, except the Fazini children and Orella Zurbriggen.

Some of them came from Macugnaga, in Italy

Ages are as at 1911 census unless otherwise stated. m = married, s = single.
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A - I

Antonio Bellametto
27, s Mining Shop, Wellgill
Francesco Biagi
22, s Mining Shop, ‘Nenthead’
Andrea Burgener
Name carved on door
Moritz Bergener
aged 54 in 1913 when killed in mine accident
Humbert Burghener
23, Mining Shop, The Mill, 18 in 1905
Joseph Burgener
32, s, Ceppomorelli, Strellas, 20 in 1905
Louis Burgener
24 in 1905
Germano Carzana
24 in 1905
Bartolomeo Casoni
32, s Ceppomorelli, Strellas
G. Batista Cassoni
29, s Ceppomorelli, Strellas. Hospital committee in 1913
Giovanni Cassietti
34, m, Mining Shop, Small Cleugh
Galbentio Corsi
On hospital committee in 1913. Killed in war, 1915
Rolando Costan
Name carved on door
Natala Delponte
32, m, Mining Shop, The Mill
Giovani Fal
59, m, Mining Shop, ‘Nenthead’
Felix Fazini
9, Stepson of M. Zurbriggen, b.1/4/1902, attended Nenthead school
Giovanni Fazini
14, Stepson of M. Zurbriggen
Giovanni Giaia
29, m, School Bank
Battista Gimzatte
18 in 1905
Flavio Givio
16, s, Cypomorelli, Holmesfoot
Giaconio Givio
24, s, Cypomorelli, Holmesfoot
Guiseppe Givio
22, s, Cypomorelli, Holmesfoot
Rolando Gohn
20, s, Macugnaga, Wellgill
Andrea Horsingher
18, s, Mining Shop, Small Cleugh
Giovanni Horsingher
22, s, Mining Shop, Small Cleugh
Peter Hosrer
57, m, Macugnaga Wellgill
Guiseppe Imsena
17, s, Mining Shop, The Mill

J - Z

J. Jerigh
On Alston hospital committee in 1913
Luigi Lanti
18, s, Mining Shop, Handsome Mea
Angelo Lenzi
23 , School Bank
Guiseppe Lenzi
18, s, Mining Shop, Handsome Mea
Jaermo Lenzi
20, s, Mining Shop, Handsome Mea
Severino Lenzi
17 , School Bank
Francis Maroni
23 in 1905
? Mignonelli
m, Louis Mignonelli.
Son of ? Mignonelli, b.24/7/1906, started Nenthead school, 24/6/1912.
Batista Norzi
41, m, Mining Shop, Small Cleugh
Guiseppe Orella
18, s, Mining Shop, The Mill
Gaspardo Pala
17, s, Mining Shop, The Mill, poss. wounded in war 1915
Guiseppe Pala
24, s, Mining Shop, The Mill, poss. wounded in war 1915
Archilles Piazzi
20, s, Mining Shop, Small Cleugh
Guiseppe Pizzi
17, s, Mining Shop, Small Cleugh
Serafan Pizzi
40, m, Mining Shop, Small Cleugh
Antonio Raineri
45, m, Mining Shop, Wellgill
Giovanni Raineri
16, s. Mining Shop, Wellgill
Salvatore Riaglia
35 , School Bank
Andrea Rupper
L. Guiseppe Samomini
28, s, Mining Shop, ‘Nenthead’. Wounded in war 1915
Roco Samomini
19, s, Mining Shop, ‘Nenthead’
Angelo Trivelatto
48, m, Ceppomorelli, Wellgill
Guiseppe Trivelatto
61, m, Ceppomorelli, Wellgill
Pietro Varini
39, m, Mining Shop, Small Cleugh
Orella Zurbriggen
40, m, Wellgill, wife of Moritz Zurbriggen (Swiss),
Previous name Fazini, born Italy.
Italian Graffiti in Nenthead

Dutch Workers In Nenthead, Cumbria
William (Wybe) Postma
fitter/turner, Hill Top, d.1958
Wife Martha, a German, died in 1958. Children, Maria, b.4/12/1910, Germany, started school 22/8/1916. 18/7/1924, moved to Haltwhistle. Marguerita, b.8/7/1916, Hill Top, started school 22/8/1921, or 19/10/1921. 18/7/1923 moved to Secondary School, Alston. William, b.28/2/1913, started school, 19/6/1919. 18/7/1924 family moved to Haltwhistle

French Workers In Nenthead, Cumbria
2 names are known. Both were Lead Miners. m = married. s = single. Ages are as at 1911 census unless otherwise stated.
Gaston Berard
47, m, La Croix, St. Ouen, Hill Top
Wife Kate, 22, born Devonshire. 9th December 1910, Gaston Berard charged with being
drunk and disorderly, refusing to leave ‘The Board Inn’. Fined 10/- and costs.
Jules Coppe
27, (in 1901) Wellgill Villa. Belgian subject.

Swiss Workers In Nenthead, Cumbria
A total of 5 names are known, with possible sixth. All were Lead Miners.
Ages are as at 1911 census unless otherwise stated. m = married. s = single.
Guiseppe Antematheu
43, m, Mining Shop, The Mill
Luiggi Jenerz
20, s, Sargrund (Sargans?), Holmesfoot
Guiseppe Jenerz
18, s, Sargrund (Sargans?), Holmesfoot
A. Reich (?)
Name carved on door
Moritz Zurbriggen
39, m, Wellgill. Wife, Orella, 40, born Italy. Stepsons, Giovanni, 14, and Felix Fazini, 9 (b.1/4/1902), Italy
Theodore Zurbriggen

35, m, Mining Shop, The Mill

Hungarian Workers In Nenthead, Cumbria
Alador Nador
28 in 1911, s, Electrician fitter, boarder, Overwater

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