IN MEMORIAM – Nenthead Ore Dressing Mill

IN MEMORIAM – Nenthead Ore Dressing Mill

Nenthead, Cumbria, UK

Alastair Roberston
To put everything into context, the village of Nenthead in Cumbria is situated some 35 miles southeast from Carlisle, at the eastern edge of the county, bordering onto Northumberland and County Durham. This region of the north Pennines has been exploited for its metalliferous ores - lead, with its associated silver, zinc, iron and some copper - since Roman times and before.
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Foreigners in the Hills

The Foreigners in the Hills

If you are interested in reading more about the story of the Vieille Montagne in Nenthead, Cumbria, read ‘The Foreigners in the Hills’ by Alastair F. Robertson, available on line or from the author at Ashleigh House, Nenthead Road, ALSTON, Cumbria, CA9 3SN, for £11.50 to include p&p.
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The Vieille Montagne brings historians, genealogists and researchers from around Europe together into a co-operative project investigating the history of the Vieille Montagne and its workers.
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Nenthead, Cumbria
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