A ‘Reunion’

The whereabouts of some of the descendants of VM workers are known. We’d like to gather them together on the Gala Day for a ‘reunion’, 100 years or so after their families parted company.
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Henri Loupart

Henri Loupart was a mine engineer.

His grandson lives somewhere near Riding Mill in Northumberland,
but it is not known where.

We would dearly like him to get in touch.
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Isabella and Theodor Prumbaum

Theodor Prumbaum was a mine agent.

One of Theodor and Isabella’s great-granddaughters lives in Birtley,
County Durham.
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Carl Schmidt

Carl Schmidt in later years.

Carl Schmidt was mine manager at Barneycraig.

His niece lives in Ponteland, Northumberland.
Amos Treloar

Amos Treloar senior, and Amos Treloar junior

Amos Treloar senior, Amos Treloar junior with an unknown miner in background
at the entrance to Haggs Mine

Amos Treloar was the last Vieille Montagne agent and mine manager who retired when the VM left in 1949. His family lives in Haltwhistle, Northumberland.
William (Wybe) Postma was a fitter and turner whose descendants live in Haltwhistle, Northumberland.

There will be more descendants of course. For example, it’s possible that some of the Italians stayed in the north of England and became part of the wider Italian community of Cumbria and south-west Scotland. A researcher in Carlisle is carrying out this heroic task.

Stories are sure to come to light. There’s a wonderful one about the Second World War. Featherstone Castle near Haltwhistle was at first an Italian POW camp before it changed to German POW’s. On one occasion a group of Italians were being escorted from the railway station at Haltwhistle by the local Home Guard, when one of the prisoners turned and asked, “How are things at Nenthead?” Surprised, the guard asked, “What do you know about Nenthead?” The reply came back, “I was born there!”

(The source of this story from Halton-lea-Gate has been lost and we’d like to find it again.)

And of course there are all the local Alston Moor families who might have stories to tell.


HLF Grant
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Nenthead, Cumbria
Vieille Montagne 120th Anniversary - A Reunion