120th Anniversary: 6th-7th August 2016

Guided Walk and Mine Trips - Sunday: 7th August

Underground trips

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Carr’s Mine
To areas of mine worked by VM. Visitors will be guided by members of the Nenthead Mines Conservation Society. (Photo: © Paul Winskill)

Above ground trips

Around the village itself. Nenthead started life as a ‘model village’ built in the 1820’s by the London Lead Company, a company that cared for its workers. This tradition and attitude was carried on by the Vieille Montagne.
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To Brewery Shaft. This is a shaft 328ft (approximately 100m) deep that housed a hydraulic compressed air system to power the mining machinery, including the rock drills that the specialist Italian miners used. For more information about the shaft, see ‘The Nent Force Level and the Brewery Shaft’ by Peter Wilkinson, published by the North Pennines Heritage Trust in 2001.

By vintage bus to Barneycraig mine at Carrshield at the head of the West Allen valley in Northumberland where in proportion there are more remaining VM structures than at Nenthead.

See Programme below
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Photo courtesy of Wright Brothers

Places available for the two visits planned to Barneycraig Mine are limited due to the seating capacity of the vintage bus, which is 33. This makes a total of 66 places, so book now if you’d like to see a compact mine site with, in proportion, more remaining VM structures than at Nenthead.
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Please note: Places are limited for all the mine trips

The Carrs Mine trips will be at 1030, 1200, 1330 and 1500.  Each trip can take ten people.

On this trip safety helmets and lamps will be provided by NMCS. Please be sure to wear robust footwear and an outdoor coat.

The Brewery Shaft trips will be at  0930, 1030, 1130, 1300, 1400 and 1500.
Participants of this trip are required to have a basic level of underground competence. The winch journey and the conditions at the shaft bottom mean that travellers must wear appropriate clothing for cold and wet conditions.  They will expect to walk through water which will be up to  0.9 metres in depth. The winch is designed for a maximum safe working load of 120 kilos. (18.75 stone). This figure includes wet clothing and equipment.  Each visitor must be a wearing a suitable load bearing harness which enables attachment to the chair safety lanyard which will be provided by Nenthead Mines

For each trip there will be four bookable places.

The Barney Craig Mine trips will be at 1030 and 1330. Places are limited to 33 per trip - the capacity on the bus.
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The Vieille Montagne brings historians, genealogists and researchers from around Europe together into a co-operative project investigating the history of the Vieille Montagne and its workers.
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Nenthead, Cumbria
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